Sunday, July 20, 2008

Kayaking and Tubing

Saturday we decided to take a ride down the provo river with some friends. Tyler went down in a kayak and I a tube. Our eventful day started at 1pm and did not get done til 630pm. Im sure your wondering why it took so long when we should have finished in half that time. Well I will make it a short tale cause it would be quite a long post if I told all the details. 5 minutes down the river one of the beginners capsized which caused a 2 hour wait. Tyler had to dive in the river to save someone elses kayak from floating to the tune of an $800 replacement fee. Then, in an effort to help stablize the amateur, i was drug through rapids and tree branches. I think I may have broke my toe on some rocks. To crown the day with glory our friends rescued a drowning lady! To summize, I am sunburnt like crazy, broken toed which is causing me to be a gimp and now match my red shirts when i wear shorts. Ty has turned out to be a pretty good kayaker! Last we heard the lady our friends saved is doing just fine. All in all it was not the best first time down the river, however we are for sure planning on doing it again! Sorry I dont have any pics but I may put a picture of my toe but not really sure its what people want to see. Hope you all have a great week! Oh and the random question for the week is "Where does all the rubber go that comes off our tires?"


Anonymous said...

Wow what a crazy trip! Glad to hear you guys are OK, besides your toe :( Hope everything is going good for the both of you.

Chelle said...

Your poor toe~ Ouch! I'm so glad I found your blog! You and Tyler are cuties! (Loved the pics) Sounds like you're having a fun summer! You can find us @ Don't you love this blogging stuff!

Leslie & Chris said...

Oh my gosh that just sounds crazy!! :)

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