Monday, October 27, 2008


I am sorry I am a horrible blogger lately we have had a lot going on. Tyler, Rick,his Dad,and Ryan,his best friend, all went up to Ty's dad ranch last weekend for the Hunting Opener. They had a lot of fun going out and finding the animals and keeping watch on his land. He is trying to preserve his land a bit and get his animal packs larger so he will be able to start selling tags. They always have trespassers that they have to keep an eye on. Gladly they didnt have any, suprisingly cause every time we go down there's someone getting caught by Rick and that is no bueno. The picture is of Rick's massive garage he is building with a loft in the upstairs. Rick has done all of it with some help of his friends. Ty's dad is such a good contractor!

Well while Ty was gone we had a friend get in a really bad accident. I got a call Sat morning at 3 am from his friend Brad looking for Ty. He was asking if he could come give his brother Brett a blessing. His parents were out of town and couldnt get there for 3 hours and so I got my parents and little brother and headed to the hospital. He ended up having brain surgery. He had fractured his skull and broke an arteri that was beginning to leak into his brain. By the time they got him under the knife a 1/4 of his brain was full of blood. So they took a portion of his skull out and removed a blood clot and released the pressure on the brain. They told us that he wouldnt be awake for a few days and who knows how he would come out of it. They said he would have a 20% chance of dying and a 50% chance of coming out the way he was before. Brad did an amazing job and keeping himself together and making one of the hardest choices of his life. He saved his brother! He woke up about 7 or 8 hours after the surgery and was AMAZINGLY HEALED! If you know Brett then you would agree he was himself cause his first word written on a note pad was Metallica! I just have to say what a sad but amazing weekend that was for Brett and his family, friends, and us. We have seen an amazing change in a boy that only God would know how to reach. We are all so happy of his outcome and cant wait to see him up and being Brett! We for sure had a wonderful experience and a new way to look at life and what really matters!
Life Can Change In Seconds! Dont Take It For Granted!

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