Monday, February 11, 2008


We have been a little busy lately. . . We have added a family member that has been a little life changing for us. "Marley"! He is a standard poodle, who is 3 months right now. Marley has been the best puppy! He is very cuddley and calm, but then he can also be quite energetic. He sleeps alot! I think it is because he is growing so fast, I swear he gets bigger everyday. We are in the middle of potty training right now and let me tell you what a treat that is! He is going to be very big. He has the biggest paws and has a hard time with controling himself cause they are two big for his body right now. Its so cute and funny! I want to thank my Mom, Dad, Abbie and Gretzky for allowing Marley to come stay when we can't be around. They have been very patient and playful with him! Thank You! Ty and I keep wondering why we haven't done this yet. It is a amazing what a small thing can bring two people even closer. We are so happy to have Marley in our lives and can't wait to add more additions. (Look below for a pic of Marley)

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